Been Here a Month Already

It is crazy, I have been here a month already! I moved in September 1st, and here it is October 3rd already. It is hard to believe how fast this first month has gone. I have learned so much, and yet I know there is still much more learning ahead of me.

It hit me today that the things it is taking me a while to get used to have little to do with the actual work. I can do the hours (though getting up before the sun is getting really hard). I can remember who gets how much feed. Cleaning procedures. Heavy lifting. Those I have no problem with. The things it is taking a while to adjust to are not having a microwave, heating from a wood stove, and having around 3 spots on the farm I get decent cell signal.

It really took me off guard when I found out they didn’t have a microwave. I know it is not terribly uncommon for people not to, but I have grown up with a microwave, and so it seemed just normal. I have since learned how to reheat leftovers in a pan, which is a challenge in itself trying to get it warm all the way through without burning it. I have also learned how to make a quesadilla in a pan, and let me tell you I am so glad I was put in the position where I had to learn because I have fallen in love with the crunchy texture the tortilla gets that way! I have also continued to fall more in love with cast iron pans. They are so easy to use! It is a good push for me, and I am glad to be put in the position where I am having to learn to cook and make things work.

I still haven’t gotten used to having a wood stove for heat in the intern bedroom though. This morning I was really excited that it only took me 2 matches to get the wood to light. It will for sure make me good at starting fires. But because of it’s size it is hard to keep going overnight. Both myself and another intern tried to restart it in the middle of the night last night with little luck, and so the cabin was really cold when I got up this morning. As it is just the beginning of winter, I have no doubt I will have plenty of time and opportunities to learn a good system for lighting and keeping the wood stove going, but I haven’t gotten to the point where I am comfortable with it just yet.

I became so used to not having signal on my cell phone being the oddity, and not my phone having signal in the oddity. It is something I am still struggling to get used to. Being away from home I want to contact people as much as I can, see how they are doing, and tell them the exciting things that have happened, and this is difficult at times. I do not always have time to sit down and write a message to someone on my computer, and my cell doesn’t work well enough for me to be able to send things while walking to and from jobs or during lunch. Most of the time I am able to make something work, and I am glad I have finally found another spot that is NOT right outside the intern room windows that has signal so that I am not disturbing people if I call someone from home in the evenings.

Sometimes these things seem trivial to be struggling to get used to. I think the reason the workload isn’t bothering me though is because of just how passionate I am about farming. I can wake up with a head ache, after having nightmares all night, and at the end of a long day still end up happy and in a great mood. Working, farming, being involved with the land and animals, makes me happy, so I have no trouble dealing with those things on an every day basis. I am sure I will get used to this type of living soon enough, but for the moment it seems the little things are what throw me off.

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